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CAUGHT NAPPING! by George B Thomson


This story covering my attempt, with our Flight Engineer, to walk out of Germany after being shot down may be of interest, or may simply be for the archives. I can say that I was asked to give this as an after dinner talk at RAF Lossiemouth some years ago, curiously on the occasion of their annual Battle of Britain Dinner. This was also read this out with a Q&A session too, after the AGM dinner at the Mildenhall Register reunion at RAF Mildenhall in 2017.  George B Thomson


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AN ORPHAN AIRMAN by Geoff Reynolds

This book sets out to tell the story of a family member. It would not be complete without inclusion of the crew that he flew with and others that they all served with. These men epitomise to me those that Sir Winston was talking about. The crew came from varied backgrounds and countries. Two came from England. Four more came across the globe from Australia and another one from New Zealand to fight for the cause. Who were these people? I felt I needed to know about this man whom I was named after. Research the service history that led to his death. Who were the crew that he flew with and what aircraft they had flown in? It was my personal search for this information that led me to the families of all of the crew and the details behind their untimely deaths. 

Geoff Reynolds


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AIR WAR OVER FLEVOLAND, THE NETHERLANDS by Lenie Bolle (translated by Shellie Tietema-Price)


This is an interview with Gerrie Zwanenburg, former Dutch Salvage Officer, which was recorded in Sept 2009 and conducted by Lenie Bolle about the so called “Flevoland Memories”. Lenie was born lives on Urk, the former island in what used to be the 'old Zuydersea'. An appropriate place as it was a wellknown 'pinpoint' for many Allied Airmen flying over in WW2. This is a historical interview, mainly intended for schools, and those Dutch who were born after WW2 to tell them what the aircraft, flying over night and day meant for the Dutch, and people in other German occupied countries - the sound of freedom!


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Air War over Flevoland The Netherlands [...]
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